Still Here, More or Less

These days less, but yeah. Still kind of here.

This year, I’m in school. So there’s not a lot of time for fun. But some.

Our Big Kid is going into 7th grade this year. She’s been a little bummed about not doing very much due to Mama doing her own classwork. In other news, the ocean is a little deep.

But we have been doing some things. This, apparently, has been designated the Year We Work on the House to Keep it From Falling in on Us. We’ve painted the house. We’ve replaced roughly 3/4 of the trim boards on the chimney and outside the kitchen. We’ve even rebuilt the garage floor. W00t.

Big Kid has gone to a couple of movies. She’s read probably more YA fiction in the past month than, well, ever before. I have even discovered what’s more awkward than watching a movie with a sex scene with your parents. Trust me. Don’t make me spell this out for you, for the love of Bob.

I’m still working my way through the superwash blue-faced Leicester. Even gotten a little of the stash worked down. There was a bookmark for a swap,

a shawl for 6th grade continuation
(it’s the Mermaid’s Song shawlette from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits collection) out of some of the BFL,
and something else. Something that looks a lot like a big piece of stockinette with some beads on it, and will hopefully look a lot better once it’s bound off and blocked.

Also…some cross stitch.
WIP Wednesday Day 2 of the Steotchathon
This is for the 2014 Steotchalong. It’s only a picture of Day 2; everybody else is on Day 4 and I’m midway through Day 3. But it’s fun. In between catching up on Pseudopod stories and watching episodes of Sherlock, it’s really going pretty quickly.


2 thoughts on “Still Here, More or Less

  1. “Trust me. Don’t make me spell this out for you, for the love of Bob.”

    14 yr old son… i know all too well. *L*

    1. ❤ The good news is that she's got more contact with her original family, which has been nice to see. And she's…relatively responsible with her phone. But those hormones will kill me yet. *sigh*

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