Summer. Blech.

We are in the thick of summer here. Temperatures in the 90s almost every day. House-shaking thunderstorms roughly every other day. Desperately trying to finish up my summer classwork with somebody saying over my shoulder, “What do you want to do today?”

Oh yeah. I love summer.

There are some good things about summer. It’s a great time of year to bust out the microspindles and do something that doesn’t involve sitting at a wheel. In fact, it’s probably better for my back and neck this way. I bought a 2 oz bag of some lovely bison and cashmere blend just for my Bosworth, and I’ve been inching my way through that. It’s fun, very fine spinning and I don’t have to work very hard at it – a good summer project.

I also finally got going on some silk and bamboo that I sampled several months ago.

Not my best spinning, but it’s pretty fine; I’m wanting this to be laceweight. It’s 8 oz., and I’m hoping to make a Pi Camping shawl out of it when I’m done. But we’ll see.

And…I’ve been working on this year’s Steotchalong. Here’s the end of Day 6:

I am so incredibly happy that I had some off-white/bone colored linen lying around. White Aida would have been…painful. I’m guessing it’s Snoopy, but I have no idea what they’ll do with this for the next (last) section. Snoopy Doggy Dog?

Other than that, we’ve not been doing a lot. I have to keep up with my classes this summer, which means that I’m not able to do as much as I’d like with A. But we’ve managed. And by the time I’m finished, there’s going to be a whole week to do things in before she goes to school. And we’re having company that week…


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  1. I feel the same about summer. I’m back in school too and even though it’s all virtual it still takes a lot of time.

    1. Mine’s been virtual for the past year as well. I won’t be able to do that next spring, but by that time it’ll be almost over.

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