(Something)alongs and me

When it comes to doing things with other people, I have issues. Knitalong, stitchalong, crochetalong, singalong…Things like that. I start off well, but tend to not finish things. Much like the vast pile of UFOs in various corners of the house. This year’s been a little different. So far, anyway.

A and I have committed to going on a hike every Monday when school was out. I had classes this summer, so it was a good way to work off some stress and spend time with my not-little-at-all-anymore girl. We went on part of the Colorado Trail – the most northern section, where the bighorn sheep hang out. We went along another section of the South Platte River – a bit further north, in a nice park near the highway and what looked like some mighty fine tubing opportunities. We only missed one day, while we had company here that couldn’t physically do the hike. Or any hike, as it turned out. But it was fun, and I got some Monday mornings I wouldn’t trade for anything.

And…I participated in a couple of ____alongs. The first one was the Steotchalong. I did the first one last year, a portrait of Samuel L. Jackson as Jules in Pulp Fiction, along with one of his more famous quotes. This year’s is waiting for a post of its own, but I really liked how it turned out. Not nearly as much of a challenge as last year’s, but still fun. If they have it next year, I’m doing it next year.

I also started the Geek-a-long at Lattes and Llamas. So far, I have all these:
(Not the greatest picture, but I’m recovering from our company. Sigh.)
I’m redoing the Slytherin House square next week. There are two very different colors of green, and I’ve decided on the darker, more grass-looking green for this one. There are all four Hogwarts houses on the Geekalong list, and I’d like to do the rest of them too. This has gotten my double knitting going a lot faster. A lot. A is pretty excited about this as well, and wants me to do the Who square as well. Maybe next weekend