More Spinning Than Knitting

Before I get started, did you notice the spinny thing before the blog finally opened? Some people get that sometimes, courtesy of their ISPs. If certain companies/providers have their way (*coughComcastcough**) the Internet will look like this all the time. Of course, like everything else in our capitalistic system, if you can pay more… That’s what Net Neutrality does – it makes sure that the playing field is level for everybody. Every small business, every little website (or blog – ahem), everyone; regardless of their ability to pay for more or faster access, everyone has a chance to make or view content. The FCC is now hearing input from the public about whether or not to change the rules. If they change, broadband providers and cable companies can charge different rates for “premium” access; with their own definitions of what constitutes premium, which will not be to the public’s benefit – you know, ours. So, now that you’ve gotten past the spinny thing, click on the link and call your US Senator. If you don’t live in the US, there are other ways you can help. I called my Senator this morning. Well, his office. I have what can be charitably called an aversion to talking on the phone. If I can call, so can you. Go. I’ll be here when you come back.

Called? Good.

I’ve been working on an 8-oz. bag of a blue-green striped top, a merino-silk blend. It’s lovely in the bag.

But it looks so pretty...
But it looks so pretty…

It’s also one gigantic PITA to separate out into its different colors. So it’s been a little more barber-pole-ish than I’d like. P1020992
I have no idea how this will look plied. I’m a little worried that chain plying won’t do the job, and plying from random chance will make the mixing worse. So we’ll see what happens when I finally have enough to worry about plying.

There’s some progress on the bison/cashmere/Merino/bamboo mix too. I’m aiming to have enough for a couple of prosthetics for Mom by Giftmas. Not sure whether or not to dye it or leave it as is. Right now it’s kind of a light beige/oatmeal color. I’m afraid the softness will be gone if I dye it, though. I’ll have to sacrifice a test skein to the Dyeing Gods to see for sure.


One thought on “More Spinning Than Knitting

  1. In the bag, it looks like ‘Carolina Panthers’ colors 🙂
    I’ll look forward to seeing what t looks like in an actual project!

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