The Professor’s Homework Assignment: My Kids

I’m still doing BatFit, mostly. Haven’t been talking about it much. But I have been looking at the Curious Professor Z‘s monthly homework assignments. This is the one I decided to do.*

We have three kids. Two of them have fur. One of them has lots of hair. They are all adorable and we love them all.

I’m a cat person, really. Ever since I was a child, our family has always had cats. I have…issues with dogs, particularly large ones, but never with cats. The first cat K and I had together was one of three kittens born under his house. Siouxsie was my baby for a long time, and went through a couple of big moves with us. When she died, I was devastated and couldn’t even think about a cat for a long time. Years and years later, we found ourselves with another cat, a kitten that we came across through K’s work (she was found in a dumpster that was delivered to one of the warehouses he supervised at the time with a rather disgusting note attached. But anyway.). Annabel Lee is now 10 years old. She was a wild girl when she came here, and has calmed down a bit over the years; much more cuddly, and devoted to our human baby.

Our human baby is, well, no longer a baby. A has started 7th grade, with everything that entails. She’s tall and beautiful, very bright and pretty normal. The only thing she has in common with K and I is that she’s more than a bit of an introvert. She loves music, reading, superhero movies, Doctor Who, and math. Seeing as how I’ve stopped posting to Instagram (“Everybody I know has one!”) I decided not to post a recent picture of her on here. When she was younger, though, she and I went around to lots of our local cemeteries to take photographs and visit one of the best rose gardens in our area. Some of the best non-professional photos I have of her have been taken in the cemetery up in town.

Over the years I’ve had to learn not to wear even my favorite band shirts when picking up A from school. These days I wait for her in the car, so it’s a little easier. I’ve gotten everything from odd looks to mutterings about weirdos to all sorts of other things. There are a few parents I get along with; some are more like me (the mom of one of my daughter’s friends’ favorite holiday is Halloween too), and some aren’t but have been accepting.

Our other baby is the dog. Bubbles is a Shizu-Westie mix that we adopted from our local shelter. It had been less than a month after our first dog had died; everybody else was ready for another dog except me. Of course, that has made her my shadow.
She loves to go hiking with us. Sadly, some of the trails that are close by don’t allow dogs (one is a state wilderness area, the other is a bighorn sheep habitat). But she dearly loves the ones where we can go. The terrier in her comes out, and she has a hard time knowing when she’s about to run out of steam.

They’re all my kids; the human one, and the furry ones.

* Actually, I had thought about doing last month’s, about our Halloween/Samhain celebrations, as the Girl went trick-or-treating again this year. But that idea was quickly vetoed. 😦

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