Almost Knitting Time

This week is my last week of classes for my penultimate semester. Two more classes to go… And after they’re done, I can do some gift knitting. Not a lot. Some things have to go far away, after all. But some.

I’ve signed up, once again, for NaBloPoMo. This month’s theme is “Joy”. Today’s post is pretty easy – what brings me joy? Making things. Knitting, crochet, sewing, spinning, electronics – making things.

I’m making a couple of TARDIS ornaments; one for A and one for Niece #2, one with snow and one without. I think I’ll make a Dala horse for Niece #3, and an extra-special tree topper (warning: link to .pdf), and that’s the extent of ornament making this year. I might make a Weasley sweater or three. Once everybody realized what it was (“The hell? Why Canadian Living?” Twice.), they were pretty excited. Which made me happy.

Giving things I’ve made brings me joy. Which is why I save the things I’ve made for giving to specific people. (Hey! Let’s all tell stories in the comments about the things that made us never knit/crochet/sew for a certain somebody ever again! I’ve got a LOT of stories…) Getting things that people have made for me gives me joy as well. Especially if that person is around to tell the story of how that thing was made. That’s the best part for me. It’s two presents: the item itself, and its story. Pretty awesome, I think.

The thing that gives me the most joy is spinning. Spinning serves a number of purposes. Right now, it brings down my pain level and the insane stress of learning something new while wondering if anybody will hire me to ever do that thing. It’s a good way of getting more yarn; not cheaper – oh hell no – but a good way indeed. It’s also a good way of passing time in the car while waiting for A, which is becoming my new hobby.

I hope you find what gives you joy this season and make time for it.


4 thoughts on “Almost Knitting Time

  1. I’m a very limited knitter. I can knit and I can purl. That’s it. Lol.. I have a limited amount of crochet stitches as well. I’m am a sewing person.. That I’m pretty good at.. I too love making things for people and I love, love, love anything homemade for me, unless it’s fruitcake in the food category of gift giving.. I like giving homemade gifts to kids because they’re so honest. I made a dress for a little girl and had her try it on and she said, “This is pokey. I don’t like it.” I laughed n’ laughed and threw it in my fabric stash pile! – Stopping by from Blogher. Happy December to you! 😀

    1. 😀 For years I tried knitting things for my sensory-challenged child. Years and years; she loved when I would make something, and then wouldn’t wear it.
      Hey, knitting and purling is about all there is to knitting, when it comes right down to it. Sewing really is a lot of fun. Happy December to you too!

  2. “what brings me joy? Making things.”

    I think that’s why despite my education, my occupation now involves the creation of food for people…
    It’s the closest thing to ‘art’ that i am actually good at, and gives me more joy than the paychecks let on (not that they’re all that shabby *L*)

    *lifts a glass o you and your family*
    Have a beautiful holiday season…

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