The Geek-a-long is over for this year


Well. The Geek-a-long at Lattes and Llamas is over for 2014. I started late. Like really, really late. Like September or October late (they started this back in January). But – this is how many squares I managed to finish. Sadly, not a lot. Probably enough for a couch throw, though. Some of the squares haven’t been blocked, but all the ends are woven in and once I finish as many squares as I can manage, I’ll block the rest before sewing them up.

I had forgotten just how mind-bendingly slow double knitting can be. For those of you that don’t know, double knitting is a torture devicetechnique that allows you to make a double-sided piece of knitting with two “right side” stockinette sections each facing out. It’s great for a blanket; nice and thick, pretty, and it doesn’t curl. But the technique involves making two rows of stockinette stitch at the same time. Slow going indeed.

This was the first Geek-a-long; there’s another one starting in January. Next year – tapestry crochet. It’s been a while since I’ve done any big projects like that, but I do know it’s a hell of a lot faster.


4 thoughts on “The Geek-a-long is over for this year

  1. All of these are awesome, though i think the ‘Jack Skellington’ one is probably my favorite!

    I see ~all~ of the Hogwarts houses as well…
    I have a keener-than-most appreciation for this, because far too often we Hullfepuffs go unrepresented… 🙂

    1. I really liked doing the Jack one. I’m especially happy that he looks great from either side, so I don’t know which side I’ll put outside. Thank you!

      I wound up skipping a couple of the squares I wasn’t that excited about to get them all in. Hogwarts is a big, big deal here. 😀

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