The Bleak Midwinter

It’s a bit past Midwinter, since today is Christmas Eve. And the weather is doing its usual wild veering between actual winter and “winter” that we often have here in the Colorado foothills. For instance, today is 50F and a little cloudy. Tomorrow, we’re supposed to get 3-8″ of snow. Winter in Colorado is never boring.

I was making a “Big Bang Theory” blanket for my sister and her kids, who just love the show. Unfortunately, it’s not nearly big enough. So they’ll be getting it for spring. In its place, I made some berets:
15894121660_f60d2ce49d_m-2 These were all from the Beatnik Beret pattern by Jacqueline “Cappucino” Rivera at Lattes and Llamas (there’s a link to their store with the pattern in the post). It was easy enough to work on all the way to our Christmas visit and back last weekend. Started them Thursday and finished the last one Sunday night, packed them up and sent them off Monday morning. I hope they’re where they need to be.

Most of our family is Far Away. The closest of my relatives is 800 miles away, the closest of K’s is 2500. A does have some family here, that we try to keep in touch with and have semi-regular visits. It’s become a part of our holidays here. A is rapidly becoming a teenager, but not so old that she’s fighting going or spending time with any of us. Which is…okay.

As I’m writing this, Doctor Who is on the TV, a marathon of all the different Christmas specials since 2004 (I think). Happy Holidays.


2 thoughts on “The Bleak Midwinter

  1. Glad to hear that winter there is behaving the way winter is ‘supposed to’…
    West Virginia has been weird so far… t-shirts a week before New Year’s is just strange. *shrugs*

    *tight hugs and much love in the year ahead*

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