The Day After

Well, Giftmas has come and gone. It was a good day – A got quite a haul, I got punked by my sister (a play on my name, sent as individually wrapped rocks), and Dad Goth finally got his new skillet. We had dinner and watched the Doctor Who Christmas special. My thoughts about this last one:

  • I can honestly say last year’s was better. And I’m no fan of Matt Smith’s Doctor.
  • Stephen Moffat needs to decide if he’s making an episode of Sherlock (where multiple plots and bizarre convoluted story lines seem to be the order of their day) or Doctor Who. He can’t seem to do both.
  • Holy hell, is the next season going to be the Clara Oswald show too?
  • I wish Nick Frost was the new companion. Just sayin’.
  • I also wish Peter Capaldi would stick around long enough to have Neil Gaiman write an episode for him. At least one. He did say in the Radio Times that as long as Peter Capaldi is the Doctor, he’s going to write an episode for him.
  • This is, unfortunately, the first time since the new run started that I can wait for the next season to start.

Today we’re having our White Christmas – there’s at least 6″ of snow outside and it’s not stopping. Fortunately we don’t need to travel anywhere today. It’s beautiful, but. I really don’t like feeling isolated, even as much of an introvert as I am.

I’m getting ready for the next round of BatFit. From roughly just before Halloween until now, I’ve gained any weight that I might have lost. I’m hoping this winter, with only one class (and a practicum, so we’ll see how that goes) will be slightly less stressful. This semester has the added benefit of being the light at the end of the tunnel. Let’s see if I can find a job once this is over. Anyway, I got through at least one of my goals: doing reasonably well in my classes. which translates into an A and a B. So now I need to think about setting new goals for next year. I need to think about that. Probably write about my actual goals next time.