What’s in my Basket? The Professor’s Homework Assignment

This month’s homework assignment is pretty easy. I think. I have a lot of things going at one time (what, me ADHD? Naw…), so there will be a few things here, one from each basket.

First, there’s the knitting basket:20150129_125958
That’s the Wavedeck Pi shawl from the Knitty Winter 2014 issue. It’s been fun so far. The yarn is my own; spun from a Merino/silk blend I bought a while ago, and that I spun for Spinzilla 2014. It’s going okay. I’m not sold on the color, but it looks better than I’d feared.

Then the crochet basket: 20150129_130045
This week’s Geek-a-long square. Also handspun. This yarn has been sitting for a while, so it’s not splitting like some yarn I’ve been using.

The spinning basket has a couple of things, but I’ll just show you one: 20150129_130307

This is bison/bamboo/cashmere roving. It’s soft and beautiful; I think I’m making at least one more prosthetic for my mom out of this. The only drawback is it’s probably going to be warm in the summer. This is my “waiting for A at the (fill in the blank)” spinning.

There are a couple of other things I’m working on… 20150129_130358
See these? They are the in-progress blankets I started last fall. One is the Geek-a-long 2014 blanket (I managed to get 18 squares finished) and the other is a “Big Bang Theory”-style Amy Farrah Fowler blanket for my sister and her girls, as they’re big fans of the show. It was supposed to be for Christmas; so you can see how that went.

I’m working on a sewing basket. Right now I need to come up with a more permanent place for my machine and a decent cutting surface. Once I’m finally finished with school in May that will be easier.

As you can see, I’ve got a problem with “start-itis”. I have a hard time finishing things, especially if it’s a handknit or crocheted item that needs sewing. I’m good with hand sewing, honestly, and I enjoy it. As long as that sewing doesn’t involve putting knitted items together, it’s good. This Christmas I was racing to get a couple of things finished and mailed off…and now my brain is rebelling against doing a lot besides coding practice.

In the spirit of start-itis, I’ll be starting a new thing very soon.


8 thoughts on “What’s in my Basket? The Professor’s Homework Assignment

  1. That is so cool that you’ve spun your own yarn! I also really like the pattern and color on the photo on the crochet basket part. 🙂

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blankets! I always wait to start my homemade Xmas presents until its way too late, too. Theoretically, you have a head start on next year’s presents except that never really works out either. 😉

    How cool that you spin your own wool. When you said it splits because it hasn’t sat long enough, why is that?

    1. 😀 Yeah, I’m hoping the BBT blanket can be done by November. But we’ll see.
      I use both my own yarn and commercial yarn. In this case, I was having a hell of a time – one of the commercial yarn colors wouldn’t stay plied just enough so that my crochet hook wanted to go through the plies. If I can let my own yarn sit for long enough, it helps. Between the finishing (unless there’s a good reason not to, I partially felt all my wool yarn) and just letting it sit, the plying stays pretty much where I want it to be.

  3. Knitting and crocheting from hand-spun wool/yarn is so awesome! It’s seriously like “farm to table” kind of mentality, and filled with lots of good, personal mojo. Very cool.

    Thanks for participating! 😀 Your projects are wonderful.

    1. Thanks! It’s really a lot of fun. It’s been especially fun to buy fleece at festivals, or at a farm store, but I’ve not done much of that lately.

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