BatFit Update: Taking Care of Myself

I’ve been doing BatFit for the past 3+ months.  So far, I’ve gone on and off my “diet” and on and off my exercise plan for various odd and assorted reasons…

  • Holidays: Valentine’s Day, A’s birthday, wedding anniversary.
  • Illness: 2 rounds of the icks, including this current infestation of bronchitis.
  • Stress Eating for School: Yep. It’s almost over, too; so by this time next month, I won’t have that excuse.

On the other hand, I have been generally eating better: a greater amount of vegetarian/vegan meals than we’ve been used to eating, smaller portions, and fewer junk food trips.  We have Junk Food Heaven a short walk from the house, but it’s a bit expensive, so that keeps our trips there few.

I can also get through a beginning bodyweight workout one time through without stops in between the exercises: squats, walking lunges, pushups, planks, rows, and jumping jacks.  Just easy enough now to think about doing a second set, just hard enough to collapse into a coughing fit the second time through (at least this past week.)

As for taking care of myself mentally, well…

I take my meds. Every day.

I try to get outside at least once a day – this ick, though.

But. Some days are better than others; they always have been, and always will be.  It seems that the closer I get to finishing my classwork and maybe possibly getting a decent job, the easier it is to go down the depression hole. Which leads to one of my other goals for this year…

Cutting out negative influences. Some days, my biggest negative influence is myself. Other days, it’s other people who don’t (mercifully) live close by. I did make a sampler out of an online .sig last year. Maybe it’s time to start living that again.



2 thoughts on “BatFit Update: Taking Care of Myself

  1. Hopefully the ick will shuffle on off to go bother someone else…
    And it can tale the mid-April snow with it, i’m sure. *L*

    Happy springtime to all of y’all 🙂

    1. ❤ We're all working our way through this. My cough's almost gone…
      Since we’ve moved here, I never put the winter things completely away. Especially not the hats/gloves/mittens/scarves.

      Hope things are going okay there.

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