Yes, Goths Can be Geeks Too

My Geek-a-Long 2014 blanket is finally finished!  Squares joined. Border knitted.  Done.

GAL2014BlanketNot the best picture – it’s from my phone – but you get the idea.  It’s done.  Whew.

I began this around the end of August 2014.  Most of the squares that I finished are things that I love.  Doctor Who, Jules Verne, Studio Ghibli, The Nightmare Before Xmas, Douglas Adams, Atari, Harry Potter and Pong.  Yes, I was a kid when Pong first came out; I thought it was the greatest thing in the world!  You could play a game on the TV!  Whoo!

Now, when I try to describe the wonders of Pong to my now-13-year-old, she looks at me like I’m insane.  Sigh.

The first Geek-a-Long blanket (and the one for this year) is for charity; the original blanket was auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Child’s Play, a charity that provides video games, controllers, and fun to hospitalized children.  It’s an amazing charity.

This year’s blanket has a theme: Mad Science.  So far, I’ve finished squares dedicated to Nikolai Tesla, Dana Scully, Rosalind Franklin, Princess Bubblegum, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker, Stargate, Attack on Titan, and I’m finally starting Indiana Jones (my favorite fictional graverobberarchaeologist) this week.  It’s been a long winter.  Two birthday parties, two visits, present shopping/making, getting ready for spring planting – I’m a little behind.  But I’ll catch up.  I think.