School’s Back

So, our Baby Goth is back in school. She started 8th grade about a month ago, and it’s…going. The days begin far too early for our little night owl; she gets on the bus at 7AM and gets home after 3PM. We’re having more and more arguments about homework and practice time. I guess that’s all part of the fun-filled world of Having a Teenager in Your Home.

Other than that, it’s been hot. Really hot. Like in the high 80s to high 90s F for over two months now. Which could be worse, but the fire danger is getting considerably higher. Again, that could be a whole lot worse too. (We’ve had it a lot worse, in fact.) Hot doesn’t lend itself well to fiber things.

I did manage to finish the Wavedeck shawl that I made from the yarn I spun during last year’s Spinzilla week.
This was really a lot of fun! I wasn’t sure whether or not the yarn would work, but I like the way it turned out.
Also, another pair of socks. For the person who almost never wears them.

Perhaps she’ll wear them this winter.

I’ve also been learning how to make a rug. Donna Druchunas has a class in Amish rugs at Ruzuku, and I decided to give it a try. My grandmother, and most of the women in her family, made a lot of rugs from rags and leftover yarns. Most of them were woven, but I did recognize some of the rug styles; especially when she showed combinations of knitted and woven rags in rugs. Mine is nowhere near that impressive, but I’m still at it.

Now for a bit of a BatFit update:

Have I mentioned that it’s been hot? There’s a small window between when I take Baby Goth to the bus and it’s too hot outside to breathe. So I’ve been walking our dog in the mornings. For the past two weeks, I’ve been trying Zombies, Run 5K training. It’s a little more fun than the average C25K program, so that’s been nice. I used to run when I was Baby Goth’s age. I had enjoyed it so much that I talked to the high school cross-country coach about starting when I got to high school. That was the summer that we moved away to the End of the Earth. When I asked the cross-country coach there about joining, he smiled politely and said that that wasn’t open to girls. And that was the end of my running.

Running is hard now. I’m a hell of a lot older now. But. surprisingly, I’m able to do it. I feel better mentally afterwards, which has been helpful. Since I’m about to start working in health care soon, it’s not a bad thing to be more healthy. It’s gotten me to eat slightly better again, too. We’ll see whether I can finish this, but I really want to.

As for one of my other goals, I finished my certificate program in May and have been studying for a CPC certification. I have a certification exam in one week. I’ve been studying, but I’m not certain if it’ll be enough. As I’ve said before, this is a huge 180 shift for me, so we’ll see how this goes. It’s also a test that people seem to take multiple times, and that makes me more than a little nervous. But we’ll see what happens. In the meantime, studying and spinning will be on my to-do list for the next week.


5 thoughts on “School’s Back

  1. 1.) Glad to see a new post… 🙂
    Had been (more than) a bit worried…

    2.) That shawl is utterly delightful… so light and delicate.
    Absolutely exquisite.

    3.) Don’t sweat this upcoming exam…
    I know you… and you are way smarter than most people, and you second-guess yourself much too often.

    1. ❤ Thank you! This test, though – it's a 180 from what I had been doing for years and years, like I said. The certification body gives a free retake for a reason…but we'll see.

      Good to hear from you. ❤

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