Happy Solstice

According to the calendar, today – this evening, really – is the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere. To my friends in Australia and New Zealand, happy summer! Enjoy going to the beach on Giftmas.

I’ve been working on Giftmas presents. There are two ornaments that are making their way to the Frozen North as we speak (too much to hope for that they would arrive today). I started them last year and finally finished them. Here they are:


A Dala horse and a TARDIS. Dala horses are a symbol of Sweden, and a TARDIS is for our fellow Whovian. There might be some more ornaments coming, but they’ll be staying here.

I’ve also been working on K’s socks. He actually asked for something this time, and I went all out. The yarn is from the superwash BFL that was a birthday treat a year or so ago; almost 3 oz, 2ply, dyed “gray”. “Gray” means “light black”. In person it’s more like a blue-gray.


He has big feet; US11.5, so it’s been taking a while.


Sorry about the crappy cameraphone. I can’t/am not allowed to use the good camera. But I’m midway up the leg on Sock #2. It might be done in time. He has promised to pretend to be surprised.

The sock was a good thing for me to have last weekend. I worked on it on the way down for our annual Giftmas with the Baby Goth’s other family. The visit was okay. I don’t feel comfortable saying more here, but I might write more about it elsewhere. But we made it there and back without any mishaps.

Midwinter can be strange here. Some years the weather has been sunny and warmish. Other years, like this year, we have had some wicked snowstorms. Baby Goth’s school has been closed for two days already, but she’s off for the next two weeks. The snow is mostly melted now; still some in the street, and I can see some green patches in the backyard.

We can’t have a bonfire in our backyard – just not enough room. But we will be doing something tonight. Probably playing board and RP games until we can’t stay awake any longer. It’s going to be a happy midwinter here. We all hope it’s a happy midwinter/Yule for you, too.


2 thoughts on “Happy Solstice

  1. I can’t have a bonfire where I live, either… So I settled for snuggling the new kitten and drinking hot-chocolate.

    Blessings of Yuletide to you and your family. 😀
    …and send us some snow!
    It's still in the 60's here!!!

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