Happy New Year-ish

We are six days into the brand new shiny year. Things are going…okay. Some things I can’t talk about, some things I’ll be talking about here.

First off, I started the Eowyn Challenge. I wound up collecting mileage beginning this past Monday, and not on Saturday as I had planned. Shame, too; we went to the Denver Art Museum for their Free Saturday, and Dad Goth decided it would be an awesome idea if we used the stairs instead of the elevators. I don’t blame him exactly – the museum was packed and the elevators were worse than usual – but it was a workout. So, not as much mileage as I could have had, but a little bit is better than none. I’ve given myself a year to walk the 458 miles, which is longer than it took Frodo and company. They took just about 2 months.

It helps that my dog loves to go for walks. She’s gotten me outside when I didn’t really want to go. Here’s hoping she’ll still feel like going tomorrow and Friday when we’re expecting snow.

I’ve decided to go through the Custom Socks: Knit to Fit Your Feet book one pair at a time. Dad Goth got the Basic Ribbed Sock for Giftmas almost 2 weeks ago. This pair is the Marpleridge socks, and they’re for me. Which should take less time, considering that they’re at least 4 sizes smaller.

Here’s what they look like today:

Almost up to the heel, less than an inch to go. Not my most favorite color, but I’m planning to use them for work socks, so conservative is better.

I have a spinning project that I mentioned last week, but I won’t be starting that until tomorrow. Rock Day (Jan. 7) is the traditional time to get “back to it” after the winter holidays.

I’ve been having a bout of what feels like tendonitis in my right hand. Probably it’s due to the tiny steel needles I wound up using for Dad Goth’s socks. I’ve never liked them, but they were long enough for the gigundogusset, so I used them. Bamboo, birch or plastic are all much better, and less hard on your hands. So taking it slower, along with lots of stretching, is what has to be right now.