Happy Fridays

In an effort to get myself writing on a regular basis, I’m starting something new. Not much, just a collection of random stuff that I’ve seen this week; for the both of you who read this.
Plus this week: a couple of extra things.

This week:
Even though it’s a bit late, there is Stitch for Syria, a project by Concern Worldwide UK to show solidarity with the devastated people of Syria who are looking for a safe place to call home. It’s counted cross-stitch, but the pattern is easy and endlessly customizable re:colors (check for yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #stitchforsyria). It goes quite quickly too. I made one in a couple of hours from printing out the pattern to cutting out the finished square patch. Big hat-tips and much love to Mr X Stitch for promoting this project.

Maximum Fun, home of the podcasts Judge John Hodgman and One Bad Mother, among others, is holding their annual pledge drive. One Bad Mother is something I wish I had had when Baby Goth really was a baby. Their pledge drives are like NPR and WFMU – you don’t have to donate, but it’s a good idea. Depending on your donation levels, you can get some cool things as well. Check out their podcasts if you haven’t already. You won’t be sorry.

And for some obligatory fiber-related content: spinning for a rug. This winter’s issue of Spin-Off had some articles about spinning for weaving as well as knitting and crochet. It’ll be a while before I trust my spinning to a tapestry loom, but I have been working on some Churro to make a rug. Once I get a couple of colors finished, I’ll show them off. Happy almost-spring.


4 thoughts on “Happy Fridays

  1. “For both of you who read this…”

    Happy spinning-and-stitching!
    There’s a lot of that going-on here in the ‘wild & wonderful’ as well (though not by me, per se, because i can ~look~ at yarn and instantaneously create a Gordian knot)… A couple of blankets under-way, as well as assorted doily-type tchotchkies for around the living room

      1. ~Spring~ per se comes and goes this time of year…
        This morning, it was 29 and vaguely snowing…
        Tomorrow afternoon, it’ll be sunny and 65.

        With any luck, this past weekend will toll the end of the frost, and we can begin to dig-out the rosebushes from their earthen cocoons, and re-mulch the flowerbeds and such.

      2. We don’t have much of a spring here either. The weather seems to go back and forth between winter and summer until maybe June.

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