Happy Fridays: Burrowing out from under the snow edition

We had a bit of a snowstorm here this week. Roughly 15″ of snow still hangs out in the backyard. Today it’s beautiful: bright blue cloudless sky, blindingly white snow, giant ruts in our “side street” in front of the house…

Some of my favorite things about the storm…

  • The realization by one of us that “snow day” doesn’t apply if you’re already on spring break. Huh.
  • Finally dealing with the leftovers because we couldn’t get to the store half a mile away.
  • Nothing is more horrifyingly funny that seeing someone in a GigantorCar stuck on the median because they either can’t or don’t realize they can turn traction control off and have the use of all four wheels. (Winter driving tip from DadGoth)
  • My confidence in snow driving has been boosted immeasurably. Guess who finally had an interview yesterday.
  • Seeing all the cars stuck on the side of the highway and knowing that had I tried to go to my interview Wednesday, I would have been one of them.
  • The sound of snowshoes slightly cracking the icy crust the day after the snowstorm.
  • Getting one bobbin of light gray rug yarn finished and another one half-filled.