Spring Break’s Over – Back to Work


Well, sort of back. Baby Goth had school today, which seems to have gone okay. Dad Goth and I are both trying to find jobs; Dad wants a new gig, and I want…well, something.

This afternoon I did some more combing of the Churro fleece I’ve been working on. I think I might have an idea for what the yarn is going to be.

Problem 1 – the yarn the way it is now might be too big, as it’s 6-7 wpi. The second skein is the one at the top of the post there.
On the other hand, not too big for a floor rug. Definitely too big for a stranded blanket, I think. But I think I can make the pattern I have in mind fit the idea.

Problem 2 – this will need to be dyed. Honestly, at least some of it would have to be dyed no matter what I wind up doing. And I think I have the right amount of dye to do this.
Now all I have to do is finish combing the rest of the 6 lbs of fleece I have. I think there are about 4.5 lbs left to go, or maybe it just feels like that much. The combing is going slowly. It’s not the wool itself; it’s clean, silky, and really draws out nicely through a diz when it’s finished. It’s just the process itself. Combing does make something that’s really fast and easy to spin, but it’s impossible to load a lot onto the cards. In case you haven’t figured it out, they are a pair of 2-row Viking-style combs. They’re held in the hands like a pair of hand cards, and you go back and forth between each one much like using cards. But yes, it’s slow.

This is a lovely fleece. Since it’s from the same ewe in different years, it’s hard for me to think of it as two separate entities. But they really are. Some of the gray is quite dark, almost a charcoal. Most is the light gray in the skein in the picture, and there’s a couple of spots where the fleece is a luminous white.

Now it’s time to find some TARDIS blue and get this going.