Where Did All Those Days Go?

This next week, in addition to whatever projects I’m working on (like this one), I’ll be writing about Baby Goth. Baby Goth, as you might expect, isn’t much of a baby anymore. I’ll be writing about that too.

14 years ago – has it really been that long? – we had decided that this was the end of the road for our adoption voyage. If we didn’t hear anything by April we would be satisfied with being an uncle and auntie.Two weeks before, we had gotten a call from our agency telling us about a child. Nothing was certain. I went ahead and pushed it out of my mind, to the point that I refused to buy any more baby items. No more clothes, baby formula, no car seat, nothing.

Within a week we had met the baby, participated in most likely one of the most traumatic “entrustment” ceremonies ever – and not only traumatic for us, which was more difficult to deal with – and brought a baby home to live with us. We also, over the years, became a much bigger family than we had ever dreamed we would have.