The Evil Robot with the Plunger and Roller

Sometimes I feel compelled to make something…different. I’ve made a TARDIS shawl, and will probably make another one all out of handspun. This time, I thought I would try a Dalek shawl.

The Dalek shawl is a variant for the outer lace of a TARDIS shawl. So far, I’m 2/3 of the way through the inside lace pattern (the lace closest to the wearer’s neck). I started this last Thursday. So far, I have ripped and redone the shawl 5 times. But the yarn seems to be holding up well enough. It’s the unravelled remnants of another shawl that just isn’t going to get finished. The lace border is a different story. I know I want a gold/brass-y yarn, but I’m not sure whether I want to spin for that. I will probably be able to find yarn for this, but the spinning bug may get the better of me.

There are some pictures up on Instagram (like the ones on the sidebar), but I probably won’t put any WIP pictures up on here. When you’ve seen one giant piece of fancy cheesecloth, you’ve seen them all.