And Now, a Bit of Knitting

This has been a long week so far, and it’s only Tuesday. I guess I could start this off by saying there aren’t a lot of good things happening for us right now. We still have a place to live, a car to get us places, and food and clothing. That’s the good part, and the only part I can bear to write about.

Let’s get on with the fiber stuff. I’ve been working on a version of a Dalek shawl for the past couple of weeks. The inside lace part is finally finished, no thanks to my little yarn eater. This past weekend I looked for some yarn for the outside border lace.

There was some laceweight Blue-faced Leicester that hadn’t yet been dyed. It looks like there will be enough. I grabbed a packet of dye that said “Gold”, weighed the yarn, measured the dye, and got to work. While the yarn was simmering it looked yellow. Really, really yellow. Like a giant pile of lemons yellow. Not exactly the gold I was going for. dalekdyejob1

By this time I was sad that I didn’t have any “copper” dye around, but I figured I’d stick with it. I took the dye pot outside and let it cool off, then drained and rinsed the yarn. Not a lot bled off, which was a nice surprise. Then I hung it up to dry.

Superwash wool of any breed takes dye a little differently than even the same breed of sheep without the treatment. The wool tends to suck up the dye and the color is a bit darker than it would ordinarily look. The small skein is a sample of Shetland singles that I had lying around and wanted to experiment with. The color isn’t exactly what I wanted, but I’m going to go for it anyway.

Yesterday I wound up the two BFL skeins and picked up stitches for the border.

I guess it’ll be okay.