Another Friday the 13th, Another Post

Hello. Once again, it’s Friday the 13th. I’ve written before about how my outlook on Friday the 13th changed for the better. It could be the power of suggestion, or something more. But there it is.

I’m “celebrating” today by finishing up another bobbin of Churro, as I think my depression has lifted enough to get moving. Also finish the Dalek shawl, or at least finish up the last of the yarn. I’ve been posting pictures up on Instagram, but I’ll post something once the shawl is finally blocking. Honestly, I’m happy I tore that damn thing up 6 times (at least), because the lace lines up beautifully. There’s another idea for a TARDIS shawl that I have going, but it’ll be easier once I find a job.

I like Friday the 13th. Days aren’t inherently good or bad until they’re over, I think. On the other hand, if you have a chance to break a superstition, well, I’d take it if I were you. Which I’m not, but it’s never bad to go for it anyway.


4 thoughts on “Another Friday the 13th, Another Post

  1. Glad to hear that your F13 was a good day… 😀
    And yes, for some of us, 13’s are a ~good~ things… and in my case, 26’s are doubly so.

      1. Spring finally arrived here (better late than never), but brought with it the monsoon season… thankful that we finally seem to be out the other side of that now as well… at least for ~this~ week. *L*

        Yay for y’all finally being at an end to ‘the winter that wouldn’t end’… now you can get outside and enjoy Ma Nature doing her colorful magic!

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