High Schooler

Yesterday was Baby Goth’s last day as a middle school-er. Apparently it was a weird day; there was a half day consisting of a)signing yearbooks and b)queuing up for the snow-cone truck. As usual on a last day of the week/year, I waited in the car outside. Obligatory Knitting Info: I worked on the second of the Bad Robot mitts I started last weekend. That and some podcasts kept me normal.

It was weird watching the kids wandering around, going from the truck outside back into the school. Many of them were doing that for the last time. Some of the kids I’ve known since Baby Goth was in kindergarten. They’re “big kids” now, almost unrecognizable when you see them from a distance. Up close, they are the same as they were (for the most part). Not quite adults, far less adults than they think they are. But not children either.

As my mom’s always said, teenagers are weird.

Finally Baby Goth got to the car, along with her friends/our neighbors. The chatter was non-stop: summer, with songs from High School Musical and Frozen accompanying them; signing yearbooks/what people wrote; what are we doing this afternoon. It was good.

I’ve been thinking for the past couple of days – well, I think about it almost every day, but a lot more now – about how fleeting time can be. In 4 years Baby Goth will be an “adult”, far later than she’d like to, and she’ll be able to live on her own. I can’t stop seeing the kindergartner who couldn’t bear to see me leave when I dropped her off from school. She may always be in there, underneath everything else. I guess it’s good that I’ve got 4 years to figure out how I can let her go.