Halloween Prep Month

This is Halloween Prep Month for procrastinators. I, myself, am a terrible procrastinator. The proof is every single Xmas gift recipient I have ever made something out of fiber. Every. Single. One.

The worst part is that usually, Halloween prep = costumes. I have been planning a particular costume for years and years now. At last, this year Baby Goth will be putting something together for herself. She did mumble something or other about a “Victorian outfit” or something, but I’m sure she’ll come up with something that I don’t have to sew. I feel good about this.

Baby Goth and her girl gang are going out trick-or-treating again this year. There aren’t any definite plans, but I would have heard by now if they weren’t. Every year for the past couple of years, I’ve made a pitch for dressing up to hand out candy, turning the lights out “early”, and watching monster movies at home for the rest of the evening. Nope.

I still want to do Zombie Marie Curie this year. The skirt was drafted, cut and sewn last year. Now I need a shirtwaist, a long wig to put up, and to get my good boots cleaned. I already have test tubes, makeup and glow sticks, so except for the blouse it’s almost done.

The other thing I’ve been thinking of is based on one of the DC Bombshell characters. Wonder Woman has always been dear to my heart, ever since I found her at the candy store on my walk home from school. I never got to read every month, but I treasured the copies I had. For pretty obvious reasons I will have to modify the outfit a bit, but the hardest part will be finding boots that aren’t my red Doc Martens. Of course, there’s always next year.

Someday I would like to buy an actual good skeleton for the front porch, but that may not be this year. Not sure what else we’re going to do, but we’ll see what happens.

How is your Halloween prep going?


2 thoughts on “Halloween Prep Month

  1. First… before i actually write a reply:


    Now then… *L*
    As usual, i am well behind any actual preparation that i'm doing for my favorite holiday… but i'll kick-it into high gear soon enough. I'm thankful that we have a lot of wee beasties up here on our hillside, so we'll have lots of little goblins to greet, especially since Boo has felt like he's 'too big' to do anything for the holiday (at 16, he's almost 6'4", and weighs around 225)…
    However, for a laugh i ~did~ recommend that he dress up like Jason Voorhees, and then chase his cute little blonde girlfriend around the neighborhood. *L*
    I'm a bad mother…
    But they both thought the idea was hilarious!

    B already has her costume — a gorgeous Victorian witch ensemble i bought from the ~good~ costume shop last year (which has been carefully stored in a garment bag)… However, we need to get it professionally altered, because she's lost 60+ lbs through the year, but still wants to wear it.

    As for me, i'll probably break out my spattered-in-blood chef's whites, along with the assortment of kitchen-from-hell props… i'll have to work the weekend before the actual holiday, but that 'costume' is something i can use in a practical sense on the job.

    1. <3<3<3 Thank you!
      Whoa, Boo's 16 already? Man. He could do what I've been begging Baby Goth to do – dress up to hand out candy, then hang out with her friends. A little tougher than last year since it's on a Monday, but still.
      The rest sounds awesome.

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