New Moon

It’s the new moon today. A new start for all sorts of things.

Today I’m trying to finish my Boreas cardi. I washed and finished another skein and I’m sewing up the rest of the sleeves and the left side. Just a band and collar – and a zipper – to go.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate sewing a knitted garment together? Because I do.

A picture of a side of a gold-colored knitted cardigan.
Yep. It’s a seam.

This week I’m finally going to start working on a cowl. It’s going to be a challenge. My brain won’t allow me to have anything right up against my neck, so it’s a cowl but not too cowl-y, if that makes sense. There will also be either bats or spiders, I haven’t decided which. Maybe some lace to make it longer/keep it off my neck? Hmm. We’ll see.