Running up that hill

Not just a song title, it’s how I’ve been feeling in my day job lately. I’m more and more unhappy every day; nobody is happy with the things I’ve been doing, least of all me, but I can’t leave. Health insurance and retirement money. So there it is, and I have to deal with stress in ways that don’t involve me getting on the roof and taking out my neighbors. I’m joking about that part. Yes. Joking.

Spinning and knitting have helped a lot. Which leads me to working on my sweater today.

I finally finished sewing up the seams! WHOOOOOO!

I’m so glad that’s over. It was…not as awful as I had thought. There was a lot of encouragement from Twitter this morning when I woke up, so that helped. I also got introduced to Patty Lyons’ YouTube channel, which also helped.

The seaming isn’t that great. The seams are really obvious. But they’re done! And the cardi is almost done, which is a big deal for me. Now I can try it on, which is a little terrifying. This cardigan isn’t designed for short, round like a basketball me. It isn’t. Almost nothing made by humans is. But it’s almost done. If worst comes to worst, I can give it to somebody who actually needs something warm.

It mostly fits. But it’s not done yet. Tomorrow, the collar.

A picture of a gold colored wool sweater draped over the back of a gray couch.
Almost done