What comes next

So little to write about, and so much time.

I’ve been working on my Boreas cardigan still, just slogging away on the collar. Next comes the front bands and *shudder* the zipper. I lived through sewing the damn thing up. Next time, I may try crocheting the pieces shut if I actually make another sewn knitwear garment. Now to figure out what I’m going to do with the rest of the Corriedale roving that’s left. There’s roughly 2 oz left, and I think I may go ahead and spin it like the rest.

The Derek Chauvin trial ended with the verdict today. Guilty on all three counts. Which is a delightful surprise and not nearly enough. Justice would be if George Floyd were to leap up out of the grave and go home to his family, where he should be. And then there are all the others. Elijah McClain. Sandra Bland. Breonna Taylor. Deontae Williams. Michael Brown. Trayvon Martin. Tamir Rice. So many others, whose killers are still among us. It is an outrage, and there are no easy answers for how to get out of this. People can’t seem to let people who look differently from them alone.

Look at me, getting politics into my knitting. I should stop now.

Work is slogging along. I am looking around like a mole that’s finally dug out into the sunshine of the open field, and I’m not sure that I’m happy doing what I’m doing. It’s a terrifying feeling knowing that you are carrying your family’s health coverage on your back, among other things.

Politics encompasses so much in our lives, including how we play after work. I think I want to write more about that, but it’s almost time to cut out for the day and get ready for my dull and late shift tomorrow. See you.