Starting Something New

I began a new day job last week – this is my 10th day and I’m still there. So that’s something. It’s not the field that I expected to be working in – it’s an inbound call center – but the subject is close to what I’d ultimately like my day job to be. So it’s good for as long as I can hang in there.

There were three knitters there when I first started; two of us are left. I’ve brought my drop spindle to work, but the resulting yarn has been…less than inspiring. It’s the llama hair my sister got me for Giftmas last year. Not the type of thing you want to wear as a T-shirt, but I’d like to make it into a bag. Possibly. The color is lovely; a cinnamon-brown that is really pretty, and I’d like to make something out of this. I don’t think the mini spindle is the right tool for the job. The hummingbird Wooly Designs might be a better idea, but I can’t really take that to work with me.

Probably the hardest part of my job is the hours. For the first month I’ll be working the bright-and-early shift, which means I wake up before anybody else in the house. It also means I have to be in bed before everybody in the house, at least until high school starts next week. Next week! Yikes! My baby taking another step away from home. The other challenge is…well…being around normal people. This is not easy. There are a couple of other awkward people in my training group, but being awkward and all, we have a difficult time talking to each other. Ah, the joys of being Not Normal.

There are a couple of friendly people, like there are anywhere. So we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, I need to find something to work on. I’ve been thinking of Asphyxiation with some bright blue handspun linen. The interior motif is easy enough to work on without too much concentration.


Still Here, More or Less

These days less, but yeah. Still kind of here.

This year, I’m in school. So there’s not a lot of time for fun. But some.

Our Big Kid is going into 7th grade this year. She’s been a little bummed about not doing very much due to Mama doing her own classwork. In other news, the ocean is a little deep.

But we have been doing some things. This, apparently, has been designated the Year We Work on the House to Keep it From Falling in on Us. We’ve painted the house. We’ve replaced roughly 3/4 of the trim boards on the chimney and outside the kitchen. We’ve even rebuilt the garage floor. W00t.

Big Kid has gone to a couple of movies. She’s read probably more YA fiction in the past month than, well, ever before. I have even discovered what’s more awkward than watching a movie with a sex scene with your parents. Trust me. Don’t make me spell this out for you, for the love of Bob.

I’m still working my way through the superwash blue-faced Leicester. Even gotten a little of the stash worked down. There was a bookmark for a swap,

a shawl for 6th grade continuation
(it’s the Mermaid’s Song shawlette from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits collection) out of some of the BFL,
and something else. Something that looks a lot like a big piece of stockinette with some beads on it, and will hopefully look a lot better once it’s bound off and blocked.

Also…some cross stitch.
WIP Wednesday Day 2 of the Steotchathon
This is for the 2014 Steotchalong. It’s only a picture of Day 2; everybody else is on Day 4 and I’m midway through Day 3. But it’s fun. In between catching up on Pseudopod stories and watching episodes of Sherlock, it’s really going pretty quickly.

Candy Canes and Crochet

It’s probably not what you’re thinking.

This week I finally found out what different family members want for Christmas/Giftmas/holiday presents. Most of our family have been notorious for their unhelpfulness in the past (it is too a word, Ms. Spellcheck). This year was no different. Although…this time I did get the hint of an actual object for 3 people (too late for 2 of them, alas). 2 beanbag iPhone stands and a beanie.

The beanie was started Saturday afternoon. It’s drying now:


The handspun I used was from last summer; a couple of skeins of Shetland lambswool from a farm in WI, hand-dyed, spun woolen from rolags at my usual light DK/sportweight size. It crocheted up easily. Even survived a couple of rounds of ripping-and-redoing. Now it’s drying. Pretty soon it will be wrapped along with some care instructions and sent off to the other side of the US. That and some video game cash for the nephew should do it.

The only other things I need to make are another couple of these and I’ll be done.


Crochet, for some reason, has been easier on my neck and shoulder muscles lately than knitting. So I’ve been making a few amigurumi pieces lately.

Like this guy: Trojan Man.

Or "Hello Trojan"
Just like Hello Kitty, but with armor.

And his buddy: Spartan Man.

A little wonky, but mostly survived his battle.

Finally, yet another version of Cthulhu:

A bit ducklike, but still the cute Elder God.

I’ve been working on an Amazon warrior, but I really really dislike sewing all the little bits together at the end. So she’s not quite finished.

Amigurumi is something that’s been fun for me. A likes most of the things I make (I couldn’t figure out where the Trojan and Spartan were to take pictures of them; they were on her dresser), so that’s been more rewarding than making actual clothing for her.
I’ve also been thinking about other things as well. Like designing something of my own. Right now, I have to focus on this next week, chock-full of all sorts of visits to all sorts of exciting medical professionals. Damn. Near. Every day. So that has to wait.

New Year, New Things

Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. I’ve given up on that, even for crafting. Not even goals.


I’d like to start making up some cross-stitch things of my own. Not necessarily anything as huge as a sampler, but something in between super-tiny and huge.

I also want to make a lot more amigurumi this year. Some handspun things, but cotton works a lot better for me than animal fibers. So probably not.

Speaking of handspun, I’ve been working on some handspun sock yarn. At least 3 ply, and hopefully some cabled yarns. At last I can turn my tendency to overspin into an advantage. I’ve got some cabled experiments from last year, so I’d like to try working with that and see what it looks like.

As for everything else, there are some things going on here that have completely taken all my fiber crafting oxygen away for the time being. But we’ll see how that goes. Figuring out new things to make this year may be the absolute least of my worries.

Presents under the tree

Almost every year I make something for either Anabel or Dad Goth. This year I worked on this scarf for my little panda junkie. I wanted to keep it a surprise, which didn’t work out so well.

There wasn’t a hell of a lot of time between November and Giftmas that A wasn’t pretty much right beside me or I was job hunting. Not much at all. I did work on it for an entire day when A was at her FLL state semifinals. Which got me to…the strap on the back to secure the scarf.

After that, it became a lot tougher to get Mom Crocheting Time®. I tried working on it in bed. A would inevitably run in to talk about what she was reading that night. I tried working on it while waiting for her after school. Yeah.

Finally it was Giftmas, and the scarf was roughly…3/4 completed. So I had to tell her about it. At least I could finish the damn thing before she went back to school.

She was thrilled it was a panda. The only thing she asked was, “How did you work on it without my seeing?”

Not easy, boo. As you can see, I hadn’t finished…

I have been knitting & crocheting. Really.

I’ve been a little busy with life these past few weeks. Anabel has been busy with her First LEGO League team. They did very well at their qualifier – even got a 1st place trophy for their programming – and went to our State semifinals last weekend. Where her team won 2nd place for their research project. Anabel and a 6th grade boy were the primary researchers for the project, and she’s found that she really does like that sort of thing. Their team even got a visit from somebody in our state’s DoA, who provided lots of things for them to think about and asked some really good questions.

Then DadGoth was traveling last week for his company’s Xmas party. He wound up going to 2 different parties that week, and A’s State competition.

I, on the other hand, have been working on this. Shh… I’d love to take an in-progress picture, but it’s been tough to find time when she’s not been home since last week. I’m roughly halfway finished, which will mean some pretty late nights. But it will be finished in a week. Honest.

There have been a couple of other things too…

I made some snowflakes for a Ravelry swap, but I didn’t take pictures before sending them out.

I also made some teeny snowmen – some people here think they’re peanuts, but they’re snowmen – for Anabel’s teacher’s gift last week. These aren’t them, but they’re close:

Evil, scary snowmen. Yay!
(click to embiggen)

I liked the Mochimochiland pattern so much that I bought another. But that’s for next year, for somebody’s birthday. Since that somebody follows me on Ravelry, I’ll leave that for another time.
These peanutssnowmen are going off to MN tomorrow. I’m hoping they get there in time and intact.

We’ve also been making cookies and another batch of Crazy Putty, but that’s for another day.