Happy Pesach/Easter/Candy Day

Good morning/afternoon/evening/tomorrow. I really am going to write more this spring. My brain is finally cooperating and not being an asshole to me, which helps. I am done mourning a certain knitting site, which is not the only playground in town, didn’t always exist, and I don’t miss that much. So… happy Spring!

We’ve had our Easter Snow, and it’s a beautiful sunny day here in the foothills. BabyGoth is home for the weekend. DadGoth and I maybe getting a vaccine this week (I have an appointment, and we’re working on his). It’s a good weekend.

I am also getting within the end of the Boreas Cardi project. Yes, I am really not enjoying sewing the seams. No, I am still stubborn enough that this will not stop me. And I’m still determined to finish up the Ball of Roving. Plus there are a bunch of other spinning projects I intend to work on this spring/summer.

Here’s some evidence of Spring at last.

A picture of a bright green plant outdoors on a bed of brown  pine mulch. The leaves are narrow and short.
A picture of a package with a chocolate bunny head and two candy eggs inside a brown crocheted nest. There is a pink egg and a blue egg.   They are on top of a green patterned tablecloth.
Happy Candy Day

And here’s a picture of BabyGoth’s Easter candy, from http://Lagustasluscious.com, placed in and around one of my already completed projects. They are a woman-owned company, they make vegan chocolate, and I love both their chocolates and their political stands they take.

The nest was made back when BabyGoth was a actual child. I’ve made a bunch of things holiday-related for her. There have also been tiny bunnies and chicks, crocheted and knitted. I’ll post pictures as I find them lying around the house.

Today’s also the 8th day of Passover, which ends at sunset today. We never really celebrated Pesach while I was growing up, but my Dad still kept up his childhood habits: making matzoh PBJs, matzoh brie on the weekends, matzoh ball soup. Those became at least my habits, even though we never had a lot of contact with his family while I was growing up.

I’ve gotten out of the habit of regular writing. Mostly that means I still have a hell of a time figuring out how to end things. It’ll get better if you hang in there with me, I promise. May you have a beautiful Spring. People may not be able to gather the way we used to, but try to enjoy being outside and enjoy what you can of the world. See you later.

It’s been a difficult month, in an unthinkable year. On March 5, 2020, I went into my office for the last time. I was certain we’d have to go back that fall. In 3 months, we were told that we’d be working at home through the end of the year. By November, we were told that we’d be working at home until the end of June. Now, nobody talks about going back to the office.

People have been coping with the losses of the past year in different ways. I’ve been knitting and spinning more regularly. That’s also helped with the terrors of sending BabyGoth off to college in the middle of a plague. She’s also discovered the joys of crafting too. She’s picked embroidery and cross-stitch. It’s going well, and it’s helping a bit with her mental health.

A  picture of  three pieces of a gold-yellow sweater, a back and two fronts. They are laid out on a green towel on a floor.
It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

There have been a lot of things I never thought I’d do this year. That picture up there? With the big-a**ed sweater? That’s one of them. I started this last November, right after Thanksgiving. I love cables, and this is a sweater with some different sorts of cables. This has been one of the faster-moving big projects I’ve done. We won’t talk about what comes next, which I am most definitely not looking forward to.

Sewing it up. *shudder*

Anyway. Today is my 32nd anniversary, and BabyGoth is home for the evening, so it’s time to go.

Saturday Snowpocalypse

Every year, at least one a year since we moved out here to the Rockies, there has been at least one Killer Snowstorm here. Weirdly, it’s normally around this time of year. March and April.

Right now it’s been snowing for a couple of hours now, starting later than forecast. It probably won’t be 2 or 3 feet, but it might be more than a couple of inches. Time for some knitting.

At the end of this month, Ravelry will withdraw the Classic Ravelry option. I have already left the site, and I won’t be back regardless of what happens next. However, one of the things that I really did like was being able to put up the projects I was working on, for as long as my whacked-out brain would allow me to concentrate, and share it with others. I saw that there is a least one other blogger that’s doing this as well, and thought it sounded like a good idea. So, starting from the latest and working backwards to the first…

My soon-to-be finished zippered cardi. It’s Boreas by Holli Yeoh, and it’s my first all sewn sweater in a long, long time. I’m midway through Sleeve Number 2, and the possibility of my leaving Sleeve Island is finally real.

Second Sleeve, almost to the middle!

Like I’ve said before, this is a spinning project as well. I’m slogging my way through a 2 lb bump of dyed Corriedale that was a birthday present a while ago. Here’s the latest skein:

A picture of gold-yellow yarn on a bobbin, mounted on a spinning wheel.
Yep, yarn!

I think this week, if I live through work, I may see if I can dig up my first yarn. The project wasn’t so successful, and wound up being ripped out, but the yarn’s still here.

In life news, I may be getting a vaccine soon. Not eligible until the end of the week, but sooner than either DadGoth or I expected. I can’t tell you how genuinely excited I am, almost as excited as when my mom got her vaccines. She just got her second dose next week and has a list of where she wants to travel. One of those places is our house, so I’m pretty anxious about getting a vaccine and an end to all this.

This is America

CONTENT WARNING: Expect swears and political commentary. I warned you.

I love my country. I love my country the way a mother loves a particularly difficult child. You praise them when they occasionally do something good, you provide consequences when they screw up. America has been screwing up for almost 250 years now.

Today, January 6, 2021, America is facing the consequences of our biggest failure as a nation. Armed white people are storming the US Capitol building and doing what best can be described as waging war and staging a coup against a legitimately elected government. They are doing the bidding of a failed game show host, a failed real estate “tycoon”, a failed mobster wannabe, a failed casino owner (let’s all pause to reflect on the absolute talent it takes to bankrupt a casino twice), and now a failed President. For the first time in his life he might possibly perhaps maybe face at least one or two consequences for a lifetime of corruption, theft and grifting. That is unthinkable for him, so this was expected by basically everyone who grew up in NY and NJ in the US from 1969 – 1999. We know him. We warned you. But you wouldn’t listen.

To be fair, however, I do have an objection to people saying that “this isn’t America”. It is most definitely America. It was America when gun sales went up astronomically after President Obama was elected. Those sales weren’t to black people, in case you were wondering. The murders of unarmed black people in Houston, TX, Minneapolis, MN, Ferguson, MO, Louisville, KY – my, that list is so, so long and growing every day – those are American as apple pie and coffee. This is what we are. This is what we are capable of. Of destroying a country and our neighbors because some failed game show host told someone else to do it for him.

America is pretty fucking hard to love right now. My mother and I talk almost every night. She isn’t convinced that we will get through this. Things will never be the same again after today in particular, but the last…20 years in general.

I have never felt more vulnerable. I come from a position of privilege. I can acceptably pass for white (and to my Ashkenazi brothers and sister that have little empathy for our Black Jewish brothers and sisters, look at these people on the news and take a guess as to what they think of you). I have a decent education. I have been able to work at home during this pandemic. I have a very difficult time indeed passing for a straight woman, even though I am white enough. There are people in the Capitol right now, coming to a state house near all of us, who would wish me dead. Me, my family, my friends. For some of you, that’s just fine. It’s okay, I don’t judge. You are not welcome in my home, and you are not welcome around my child, but you do you.

I really wish I had something happy and cheerful to close with here. There are one or two good people out there. One person had me almost in tears during work today because she was nice to the “Insurance Lady”. I hope that our country can get through this, but I don’t know anymore. DadGoth and I are too old to be able to emigrate…anywhere, really. Anywhere we would want to live anyway. Sorry, I’m feeling a little raw right now. Comments, as always, are moderated, even though I don’t expect them and haven’t had any for quite some time. See you when I can.

The First month, the first day

Happy 2021! Let’s see if this is any better than last year, shall we? Sure. Why not?

We’re starting the #MakeDontBreak2021 challenge today. The first prompt is “What delights you?”

Bluntly speaking, it all depends on the day. For the past couple of years, literally nothing has delighted me. Or caused me to smile for more than a second or two. Lately, it’s been getting slightly better.

The things that used to bring me joy were always associated with making things. Knitting, spinning, embroidery, crochet, things like that. There were others too. Reading horror, romance, fantasy, science fiction, things like that. The Discworld books by Terry Pratchett are favorites of mine. Good Omens has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Which leads me to an idea I’ve had for a while, that I want to work on this month.

I’m torn between talking more about it and just jumping in and showing people once I’m in the middle. That way nobody can tell me what a shite idea it is until I get it out of my head.

There are other things that bring me delight. Night skies, especially a deep black sky with thousands of stars or the too-bright lights of a city surrounding you. Moon gardens. Waking through the woods, or finding a cemetery in the middle of nowhere. Things like that.

If you want to play along, you can join us! Start here.