BatFit2016: Checking In

It’s been roughly 5 months since I started BatFit 2016. So far, I have lost…well…5 pounds.

On the other hand, I have been eating better. A lot better – more plant-based meals, usually at breakfast and lunch because that’s where I have the most control over my own food choices. It’s been easier than I thought. Shopping and meal planning is a priority for me, though. When I don’t, bad things happen. Even with birthdays last month, I managed okay.

I’ve been exercising too. Since September I’ve been using Zombies, Run!, first the 5k training app and now the full game. I’m still the world’s slowest runner, but I’ve been hanging in there. My goal is to hike the first big section of the Colorado Trail; the first section is less than 2 miles from my house, and the whole thing goes about 12 miles into the foothills. The trail has been closed during the week and won’t be open full time until mid-May. Which gives me some time.

I’ve hung with this longer than just about any other exercise program I’ve tried. The story is really great; it’s kept me going all this time, and I’m almost up to the end of Season 1. Which seems kind of sad, but there have been some times when I really couldn’t run outside. 12″ of snow and ice tends to have that effect. But it’s been nice to get back out there. When I was in junior high/middle school I discovered that I could run and was okay at long distances. Then we moved and discovered that the cross-country team was for boys only. Which put an end to my running until recently. I didn’t think I would miss it, but I have. And I feel better mentally when I run or walk as well. Bonus!

I’ve only lost 5 pounds, but I have started to notice a difference in the way my clothes fit. The mental benefits have been what keeps me going (well, along with the story).

I’ve been doing some knitting and spinning, but I’ll talk about that next time. Promise.


BatFit Update: Taking Care of Myself

I’ve been doing BatFit for the past 3+ months.  So far, I’ve gone on and off my “diet” and on and off my exercise plan for various odd and assorted reasons…

  • Holidays: Valentine’s Day, A’s birthday, wedding anniversary.
  • Illness: 2 rounds of the icks, including this current infestation of bronchitis.
  • Stress Eating for School: Yep. It’s almost over, too; so by this time next month, I won’t have that excuse.

On the other hand, I have been generally eating better: a greater amount of vegetarian/vegan meals than we’ve been used to eating, smaller portions, and fewer junk food trips.  We have Junk Food Heaven a short walk from the house, but it’s a bit expensive, so that keeps our trips there few.

I can also get through a beginning bodyweight workout one time through without stops in between the exercises: squats, walking lunges, pushups, planks, rows, and jumping jacks.  Just easy enough now to think about doing a second set, just hard enough to collapse into a coughing fit the second time through (at least this past week.)

As for taking care of myself mentally, well…

I take my meds. Every day.

I try to get outside at least once a day – this ick, though.

But. Some days are better than others; they always have been, and always will be.  It seems that the closer I get to finishing my classwork and maybe possibly getting a decent job, the easier it is to go down the depression hole. Which leads to one of my other goals for this year…

Cutting out negative influences. Some days, my biggest negative influence is myself. Other days, it’s other people who don’t (mercifully) live close by. I did make a sampler out of an online .sig last year. Maybe it’s time to start living that again.


Being Kind: BatFit Day 2

Today’s BatFit Kickoff Day is a difficult one. It’s an especially difficult one for most women, I think. Men too, I suppose, as it’s not something that’s encouraged in our society. It has to do with the concepts of compassion, gratitude and forgiveness. For other people, certainly. That’s easy, at least for me and some other people in my RL. But towards ourselves?

Today’s question that the Curious Professor Z asks is:

I ask you, dear readers, how will you cultivate Compassion, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Generosity in your own lives, and most importantly, towards yourself?

I am (mostly) okay when it comes to extending compassion, generosity and understanding toward others. It’s something that I actively work on. But not for me.

My feelings about myself are becoming a problem. Mostly because they are bleeding into my daughter’s feelings about herself, and that needs to change. She’s a wonderful kid, in every way. Because she’s adopted, I was hoping that the way I am wouldn’t be relevant to the way she is (emotionally at least). But that’s not the case, apparently, and I’m hoping to change that. At least a little.

There are some people in my life that I’m working on forgiving. Forgiveness in their cases will probably mean turning my back and letting them out of my life. If I hold on to the anger I feel toward them, it’ll only hurt me. Plus – it’s an example for A.

Gratitude is a little easier, I think. Not something that comes without thought either, but counting my blessings and remembering what I have is something that seems easier, anyway.

Compassion and generosity is…at least for myself, a hell of a challenge. But I will try. I think taking some time out for meditation and doing at least that for myself may help. Might not, but we’ll see.

New Year, New Things: 2014

So, this year I thought I’d try something new:

It’s something more along my lines of interest. So maybe this will help.

This year’s Bat Fit theme is “Detoxify”. As in removing toxic substances (things, foods, habits, people) from one’s life and getting healthier in the process. Here are my goals:


  • I will finish at least half of the certificate program I’ve enrolled in this year. With grades of at least a B in each class.
  • I will put at least one new item in my store this month.
  • I will exercise at least every other day.
  • I will cut out dairy from my diet.
  • I will find time to meditate every day.
  • I will be less severe with myself.
  • I will find time to practice at least 30 min. every day.


  • I will practice my CBT list when I need it, before a situation goes too far for it to be useful.
  • Sometimes you cannot wait for other people to reach out to you. I need to remember and practice this.
  • Even though I love my friends, I will not allow them, even unintentionally, to hurt me.

That’s all I can think of for now. More for another day.