Shuffle Bag

A while ago, I was looking for a way to find my new iPod Shuffle in the Giant Black Hole (aka my purse, a repurposed Bundestag bread bag). Here’s what I came up with (pictures to follow). It’s pretty easy crochet, just chain and single crochet are the only stitches, and the whole thing can be finished in less than half an hour. Really.

Your favorite yarn, worsted-weight or finer (I used handspun sport-weight wool for mine), less than 100 yds.
Appropriately sized crochet hook to make a firm fabric (for the sport-weight, I used a C steel hook; for worsted weight, size D or E would be good)
Some fine yarn or 1/8″ ribbon for a bag tie (optional)

These are standard, but just to be nice…
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
sl – slip stitch


Using the yarn and hook, ch 10. Turn. SC into second chain from hook, sc to last ch stitch. Make 3 sc in last chain. Then stop. Look at the chain with the sc that you have so far. You should have 8 scs on one side and 3 on one end. Turn the chain so that the scs just completed are pointing away from you. SC into the 8 chains on the other side, then 3sc into the final chain at the end. You should have 22 stitches. (Once the camera gets here, I’ll post some pictures)

Next, insert your hook into the inside half of the sc (the part facing you). SC around to end. This is the turning row. You shouldn’t be increasing any more, and you shouldn’t need to join at the end of the row. Just keep crocheting around for four or five rows. Check the fit with your Shuffle. It should be snug but just loose enough to insert the Shuffle comfortably.

When the bag is the same height as the Shuffle, join the end of the final row with a sl st. You could stop here and finish off. Or, add the following edging:
Ch3, sc into second sc from hook. Repeat to end, join round with a sl st, and finish off.
There will be pictures coming later, but I’ve put this off too long already.

Creative Commons License

work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

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