Stupid Easy Anklets

These are the latest pair of socks I’ve made, designed to go inside some low-top lightweight hiking boots for summer camping/hiking. Pretty basic, but they have the advantage of being a)fast and b)easy. Maybe even easy enough for somebody’s first pair.

For a sock that fits the average woman’s foot (8″ around, measured at the ball of the foot), you need:
1 skein sock yarn (I used
1 set (of 5) 3.00mm double-pointed needles
tapestry/yarn needle
I’ve found that I don’t really need a stitch marker for the beginning of the row if I’m working with DPNs, but you can use one if you’d like.

Gauge: 6st=1″ in the round

Cast on 48 st. Dividing the stitches into 4 groups of 12 stitches, work 2″ of K2P2 ribbing in the round.

K the first 12 stitches (from needle #1), then turn. P 12 plus P 12 stitches from needle #4, so you have 24 st on one needle. Leave the two remaining needles alone for now.

For the next 24 rows:
1. Sl1, K1; repeat to end, ending with K1.
2. Sl1, P to end.

When you’re done, it’s time to turn the heel. K 15, ssk, k1. Turn.
P14, p2tog, p1.
After this, you should have 5 st on each side. On the next row, k until you get 1 st before the gap in your heel (you’ll see it, it’s pretty obvious). Ssk the st before and the st after the gap, k1.
Next row: P until 1 st before the gap, p2tog with the st before and st after the gap, p1.

Continue until there are no more sts to work.

On the next row:
K7 on N1, then pick up and knit 12 sts on the side of the heel flap (all on needle 1). K on N2 and N3. Pick up and knit 12 sts on the side of the heel flap on N4, then K the last 7 sts.
Next row…N1: K to the last 2 sts, k2tog. N2, N3: K. N4: Ssk, K to end.
Next row: K all sts.
Repeat the last 2 rows until there are an equal number of sts on each needle (ie: N1 and N4 will have 12 sts).

Then…K until you have gotten to 2″ short of your total desired foot length.

Toe: Row 1: N1: K to 2 sts before end of needle, k2tog.
N2: Ssk, k to end.
N3: K to 2 sts before end of needle, k2tog.
N4: Ssk, K to end of needle.

Row 2: K all sts.

Repeat those 2 rows until you have decreased the number of sts on each needle by half (ie: you should have 6 sts on each needle). Then decrease (Row 1) on each row after that until you have 4 sts on each needle.

Adjust your sts until you have 2 needles with 8 sts each, with the sts arranged so there are two rows with a decrease pair on each needle. Graft/Kitchener Stitch the two rows together. Weave in all ends. Block if you like.

Here’s a picture of the finished pair. As I said, nothing too fancy…

<img src=”” width=”240″ height=”180″

If anything is unclear (or if I’ve done some/all of the decrease rows backwards, which is entirely possible), please leave a comment.

Creative Commons License
Stupid Easy Anklets by Karen Littau Mohler is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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