Halfway-ish Through

Well, here it is. Halfway through the month. I had hoped to have more time to write, but I underestimated the effect working a new job would have on me. I can’t really talk about who I work for, or what I’m doing (for an admittedly limited period of time). But it is a new line of work, and something I don’t have a natural aptitude for doing. So it’ll be interesting. I’m also in a training class of people who have done this all before, some for several years. No pressure.

I did manage to spin a bit for Spinzilla this year. I brought my Bosworth Mini with me to work, complete with a coffin’s full of fiber, and I managed to get a couple hundred yards done during breaks and the “non-people” section of my lunch half-hour. I also spun about 150 yards of llama fiber on my big hummingbird spindle. Our team officially was 14th (out of 74? I think) this year, so that’s their best place yet. Here’s what I spun.

No, not a lot. But considering the crazy week I had, I’m happy enough with it. Plus, this weekend I spun some more rug yarn. So there’s that.

I really did enjoy spending time with my spindles. Even though I didn’t have as much time as the last time, I tried to find at least an hour to work on the llama every night. The time spent spindling made the wheel spinning and plying go faster too, I thought.

Last week Baby Goth had her fall break. I’ve never worked a full-time job while she’s been off before. It was a little tough, I have to admit. But Dad Goth was home, and they got to do some things together – they made the annual Spirit run, decorated the house (due to the weather the yard will wait until next weekend), and did various odd and assorted things.

Also: does anybody remember me saying that I was finally off the hook for Halloween costumes for other people this year? Did I? Because it seems that I am not. Having bought a bunch of fabric and a surprisingly expensive pattern, it looks like I’m making a girlie 10th Doctor costume. It’s okay, I think. I don’t have to come up with the entire pattern myself, and the modifications she wants aren’t that taxing. But still.

Lastly, I saw The Host is on Netflix this month. Not a new one, but a great Korean monster movie. I also watched 13th, which is about the American prison system and a horror movie of a very different sort. It’s also time to pull out the old classics next week: Frankenstein, Dracula, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Carnival of Souls (yes, really), Phantasm – things like that. Have a lovely evening, or week, or something.


Starting Something New

I began a new day job last week – this is my 10th day and I’m still there. So that’s something. It’s not the field that I expected to be working in – it’s an inbound call center – but the subject is close to what I’d ultimately like my day job to be. So it’s good for as long as I can hang in there.

There were three knitters there when I first started; two of us are left. I’ve brought my drop spindle to work, but the resulting yarn has been…less than inspiring. It’s the llama hair my sister got me for Giftmas last year. Not the type of thing you want to wear as a T-shirt, but I’d like to make it into a bag. Possibly. The color is lovely; a cinnamon-brown that is really pretty, and I’d like to make something out of this. I don’t think the mini spindle is the right tool for the job. The hummingbird Wooly Designs might be a better idea, but I can’t really take that to work with me.

Probably the hardest part of my job is the hours. For the first month I’ll be working the bright-and-early shift, which means I wake up before anybody else in the house. It also means I have to be in bed before everybody in the house, at least until high school starts next week. Next week! Yikes! My baby taking another step away from home. The other challenge is…well…being around normal people. This is not easy. There are a couple of other awkward people in my training group, but being awkward and all, we have a difficult time talking to each other. Ah, the joys of being Not Normal.

There are a couple of friendly people, like there are anywhere. So we’ll see what happens. Meanwhile, I need to find something to work on. I’ve been thinking of Asphyxiation with some bright blue handspun linen. The interior motif is easy enough to work on without too much concentration.

Changing the curtains, tidying up

I thought I’d distract myself from this past horrific week (JFGI for now, please) by doing some badly needed, long put off housekeeping.

For starters, the theme I’ve been using is one I’ve been using for a very long time. So I’ve changed that. It needs a bit of work, particularly the sidebar – I’m still trying to figure out how that works and what to make more readily visible. But I think I like it. I’d like to know what both of you who still read this think too, so hit the comments and speak up.

There’s a new header that more accurately reflects what I’d like to show here. Mostly. Frankly, it was the nicest black bobbin picture I have up here. I think I’d like to move patterns to another page so they’d be all together. I’d also like to move some patterns off the site altogether. But we’ll see.

And now, I’m going to cuddle with my dog, finish breakfast and work on making yarn for somebody. See you soon.

A Long Time Ago and Very Far Away

I’ve meant to write about the mass murder in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, FL for almost a week now. I’ve almost stopped crying for long enough to write something coherent, or as coherent as I get.

A long time ago, right after I left college, I lived in the New York metropolitan area. I had been out, more or less, for about 8 years by that point and figured out that I was bi. I was working in the service department of a big electronics chain, in the service shop doing quality control before the repaired equipment went out to the customers. My coworkers and I became a lot like a family. We’d go out together on the weekends or hang out at our boss’ apartment on a Saturday afternoon.

One week, one of my QC coworkers talked about the club his friend worked in on the weekends. Now this guy was a DJ himself and created a lot of mixes that we’d listen to at lunch. This club was supposed to be the best, only open on Friday and Saturday nights, and you could get a membership for either one night or the other. Sadly, I can’t remember which night it was anymore; if you know, tell me in the comments. We all went to the business office one day after work. Got our pictures taken and answered one question – “Are you gay?”

That was the first time I said “yes, I am” out loud.

The club was amazing. A huge warehouse space in downtown Manhattan. It didn’t open until relatively late, but made up for it by staying open until sunrise or so. The house DJ, my coworker’s friend, saved his best work for us. Dancing, mango juice at the juice bar, other things… Those were wonderful weekends. Even when I was with my by-then abusive girlfriend, I never remember not feeling safe.

And all these years later, in a different club hundreds of miles away, some asshole with a machine gun took someone else’s feeling of safety away.

We’re hearing more and more about the murderer. I don’t care about him. I care very much about the people he murdered, the people who are recovering physically in the hospital, and the people who will spend the rest of their lives recovering emotionally. I hope that the survivors are safe and will heal someday. biheart

I made this when we heard the news, after a couple of beers. It’s from the LGBT Pride Hearts pattern by Hannah W on Ravelry. The bi colors are for obvious reasons; there are directions for other flag colors with the pattern. It’s free, so have at it.

Bad Dalek Mitts

Last night I finished the Bad Robot mitts. Here they are, drying:

Like I said before, it’s all my handspun. I’ve been trying to figure out why one seems bigger than the other. I measured them against each other, and they appear to be the same size – except when I lay them next to each other. Maybe when they’re finished drying it’ll even out. Maybe.

I also thought I’d try changing the order of finishing ops to see if it makes a difference. Blocking first this time, then weaving in the ends. It’s a little more nerve-wracking than I thought, but that may work itself out too.

Today is Memorial Day in the US, and my dad’s birthday. Before the Monday Holiday Law here in the US, Memorial Day was always my dad’s birthday, a fact that I vaguely remember. He lives a pretty good distance from us, so a phone call and a card will have to do until we see him again sometime this summer. Baby Goth and her twin cousins all go to high school this fall (how the hell did that happen?), so we’d like to see everybody again. If all goes well with a new thing I’ve got going – and there are enough ifs that I don’t want to talk about it yet – I won’t be able to go anywhere until after December. So I’d like to go see them soon.

Happy Memorial Day – that always seems odd to say, there’s nothing really happy about it. Remember those who gave their lives for our country.

High Schooler

Yesterday was Baby Goth’s last day as a middle school-er. Apparently it was a weird day; there was a half day consisting of a)signing yearbooks and b)queuing up for the snow-cone truck. As usual on a last day of the week/year, I waited in the car outside. Obligatory Knitting Info: I worked on the second of the Bad Robot mitts I started last weekend. That and some podcasts kept me normal.

It was weird watching the kids wandering around, going from the truck outside back into the school. Many of them were doing that for the last time. Some of the kids I’ve known since Baby Goth was in kindergarten. They’re “big kids” now, almost unrecognizable when you see them from a distance. Up close, they are the same as they were (for the most part). Not quite adults, far less adults than they think they are. But not children either.

As my mom’s always said, teenagers are weird.

Finally Baby Goth got to the car, along with her friends/our neighbors. The chatter was non-stop: summer, with songs from High School Musical and Frozen accompanying them; signing yearbooks/what people wrote; what are we doing this afternoon. It was good.

I’ve been thinking for the past couple of days – well, I think about it almost every day, but a lot more now – about how fleeting time can be. In 4 years Baby Goth will be an “adult”, far later than she’d like to, and she’ll be able to live on her own. I can’t stop seeing the kindergartner who couldn’t bear to see me leave when I dropped her off from school. She may always be in there, underneath everything else. I guess it’s good that I’ve got 4 years to figure out how I can let her go.

Another Friday the 13th, Another Post

Hello. Once again, it’s Friday the 13th. I’ve written before about how my outlook on Friday the 13th changed for the better. It could be the power of suggestion, or something more. But there it is.

I’m “celebrating” today by finishing up another bobbin of Churro, as I think my depression has lifted enough to get moving. Also finish the Dalek shawl, or at least finish up the last of the yarn. I’ve been posting pictures up on Instagram, but I’ll post something once the shawl is finally blocking. Honestly, I’m happy I tore that damn thing up 6 times (at least), because the lace lines up beautifully. There’s another idea for a TARDIS shawl that I have going, but it’ll be easier once I find a job.

I like Friday the 13th. Days aren’t inherently good or bad until they’re over, I think. On the other hand, if you have a chance to break a superstition, well, I’d take it if I were you. Which I’m not, but it’s never bad to go for it anyway.